Pelllet mole

Pellet Mole

This system is easy to install and makes full use of thestore space. The Pellet Mole® draws the pellets from above,ensuring an optimum fuel feed to the boiler. The Pellet Molemoves automatically into every corner of the store to emptyit as efficiently as possible.

The pellet mole can be fitted either with a manual hoist orthe Comfort module. The Comfort module is an automaticlifting system which automatically moves the pellet moleto the stand-by position when the switch is at “Fill” andlowers the pellet mole onto the pellets when the switch isat “Operate”.

NEW: E3® pellet mole

The new E3® pellet mole is a simple removal system based onthe tried and tested pellet mole. The store can be optimallyemptied without slopes.

The E3® pellet mole supplies an annual pellet requirement ofseveral hundred tons to pellet boilers of approx. 50 to 300kW. A typical store size is around up to 40 tons of pellets or60m³ capacity in various shapes - from round and squareto rectangular, making the E3® pellet mole hugely versatile.