Caldera de leña y pellets SP Dual

Dos sistemas perfectamentecombinados -La nueva caldera mixta SP Dual

La caldera mixta de leña y pellets SP Dual combina dossistemas perfectos. Las dos cámaras de combustiónseparadas cumplen todos los requisitos para ambostipos de combustibles. La SP Dual se distingue por sumáxima eficiencia y confort, así como por su bajo nivelde emisiones y bajos costes de energía.

La unidad de pellets se puede incorporar en cualquier momento

Si, por el momento, prefiere utilizar solamente leña, Froling ofrece una solución flexible para el futuro: en lacaldera S4 Turbo F 15-40 kW con brida de acoplamiento para pellets se puede reequipar la unidad de pelletsen cualquier momento.

Large fuel loading chamber for half-metre logs

  • Easy front-loading
  • Long combustion time
  • Long reloading intervals

High-temperature silicon carbide combustion chamber with new geometry

  • Very long combustion zone
  • Low emissions
  • Long lifespan

Automatic ignition and continued operation

  • No additional equipping required
  • Automatic change between firewood and pellets

Quick heating up (with manual ignition)

  • Load the boiler, light the fuel, close the door and that’s it
  • No smoke is produced in the boiler room
  • Automatic ignition device (optional)

Serial WOS system

  • High efficiency
  • Easy cleaning from outside
  • Low energy consumption

Convenient ash drawer

  • Long emptying interval
  • Convenient emptying

RBG 3200 room console

  • Control the heating from your living room
  • Read values and status information
  • change settings conveniently via push of a button

LOXONE - Smart Home Anbindung

  • Einfache Integration
  • Gezielte Heizkesselsteuerung
  • Alles im Blick
  • Siehe Flyer (PDF)

Wassergekühlter Pelletsflansch mit fallender Anordnung

  • Sicherer Betrieb
  • Pelletseinheit jederzeit nachrüstbar

Comprehensive safety concepts

  • The highest possible operating safety
  • Maximum reliability

Speed-regulated induced draught fan

  • Maximum ease of use
  • Smooth boiler start
  • Constant stabilisation during combustion

Special carbonisation gas extraction system S4/SP Dual

  • No smoke escapes during re-filling
  • The boiler room stays clean

Water-cooled pellet burner with automatic sliding grate

  • High Efficiency
  • Long lifespan
  • Automatic ash removal

Lambdatronic S 3200 control

  • Exact combustion control with broadband probe Lambda control
  • Large, clear, control unit
  • 7" Touch-Display

RBG 3200 Touch room console

  • Control the heating from your living room
  • Read values and status information
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • 4,3" colour screen

Complete overview around the clock with the new Froling App

  • Easy and intuitive operation of the heating boiler
  • Status values can be called up and changed in an instant
  • Individual naming of the heating circuit
  • Status changes are sent directly to the user (e.g. per email or push notifications)
  • No additional hardware required (e.g. internet gateway)
  • more details: see PDF