Wood chip outfeeders

Froling has many years of experience in designing discharge and feed systems. Whether the system is large or small, we offer sturdy systems for all requirements, meeting the highest standards. Froling's outfeeders guarantee quiet and effective operation and are easy to assemble and highly flexible.

Spring blade agitator (FBR)

Discharge of wood chips from bunker (diameter max. 5 m).
Specially designed for wood chips G30/G50 to W 35.
Low energy consumption thanks to progressive screw raise.

Inclined screw discharge unit

Mainly used as a silo discharge screw.
Even and reliable discharge from high silos.

Pusher discharge unit

Optional design for rectangular storage rooms.
Suitable for all commonly used biomass fuels.

Bunker filling systems

Froling bunker filling systems set new standards for feed output, operating safety and filling. Available in different designs, they guarantee extremely reliable material transport and thus optimal bunker filling thanks to their ease of assembly, intelligent and variable system design and flexible set-up options.

Bunker filling system BFSV

Vertical filling system.
High feed output and ejection distance.
Dust-free filling of store space.

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Bunker filling system BFSU

Horizontal filling system.
Intelligent system design. 
Flexible set-up options.

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Bunker filling screw BFS

Ideal solution for filling underground stores.
Open trough for optimal fuel transport.
Rocker switch automatically stops filling.

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Bunker blow-in system BESH

Tanker conveniently blows in fuel.
Variable extension modules.
Extraction of escaped air producing minimal dust.

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