Froling PE1 Pellet Boiler

Occupying just 0.38 m² of space, the PE1 Pellet boiler sets new standards. The new PE1 Pellet stands out for it's quiet operation and ease of use, combined with low emissions and also very low energy consumption.


The compact solution for the boiler room

A unique design: the new PE1 Pellet is also available with optional DHW tank unit for hot water preparation and a hydraulic unit with heating circuit pumps, heating circuit mixer and DHW tank loading pumps. These two modules can be retrofitted at any time to make the PE1 Pellet the compact all-round solution for the boiler room. 

Modular design

  • Pellet unit can be added any time
  • Minimal space requirement
  • Easy positioning

Room air-independent operation

  • Perfectly suited for low-energy houses
  • Maximum efficiency

Double protection system

  • The highest possible operating safety
  • Maximum burn back protection

Pelletsbrenner mit automatischem Schieberost und Kaminabsperrung

  • Hoher Wirkungsgrad
  • Automatische Entaschung

Speed-regulated induced draught fan

  • Easy to operate
  • Adapts to all operating conditions
  • Full operating safety

Lambdatronic P 3200 Touch control

  • Exact combustion control thanks to standard
  • Large, clear control unit
  • Control the heating from your living room by means of room console (optional)
  • New Boiler console with touch dilay online control

  • Online operation and monitoring of the heating system
  • Available any time, any place
  •  Operates on all platforms
  • Individual access rights
  • Automatic status messages via SMS/email (e.g. empty ash box)
  • System requirements: see PDF

NEU: Bis zu 10 Jahre Garantie inkl. Verschleißteile

  • Voraussetzung: X10+-Wartungsvertrag
  • 10 Jahre Garantie auf Arbeitszeit
  • 10 Jahre Garantie auf Material
  • jährlich eine umfangreiche Wartung gemäß Fröling-Checkliste

Optional DHW tank unit and hydraulic bloc

  • Optimal hot water preparation
  • Best possible heating circuit control
  • Intelligent complete solution

Large pellet container

  • Easy loading
  • Efficient operation

Automatic ignition

  • Quiet operation
  • Low energy consumption

Convenient ashcan

  • Long emptying intervals
  • Convenient emptying

Serial WOS system

  • High efficiency
  • Easy cleaning from outside
  • Low energy consumption

RBG 3200 Touch room console (optional)

  • Control the heating from your living room
  • Read values and status information
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • 4,3" colour screen

Optional hydraulic unit

  • Best possible heating circuit control
  • Intelligent complete solution
  • Can be retrofitted at any time

LOXONE - Smart Home Anbindung

  • Einfache Integration
  • Gezielte Heizkesselsteuerung
  • Alles im Blick
  • Siehe Flyer (PDF)