Why biomass?

Save on heating costs

Fuel costs are another important factor in the choice of fuel. Wood as a raw material guarantees independence from the global trends of fossil fuel prices on international markets. As local wood is usually used for both firewood and wood chips, prices have been stable for years, whereas oil and gas prices continue to rocket.

Security of supply / naturally renewable

In addition, there is enough of this regionally renewable raw material available. Studies confirm that generally more trees are reforested than are deforested, and that nowhere near enough wood is removed to do damage to the forest. More and more owners of oil heating systems are considering switching. The reasons are clear. Biomass supplies are plentiful and not subject to the crises and fluctuations of fossil fuel supplies.

CO2 neutral

When trees grow they take carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the air. When we burn wood this carbon dioxide is returned to the atmosphere. The amount of CO2 released during burning is the same as the amount released by normal rotting and decay in forests and woods. Heating with fuels made from wood is therefore heating the natural, environment-friendly way.