Froling wood chip and pellet boiler TX

User friendly, sturdy, economical and reliable: the new TX from Froling is guaranteed to impress in every aspect. This boiler can efficiently burn both wood chips and pellets due to its well designed fully automatic system.

Froling also offers a wide range of fuel feeder systems for virtually all requirements. Optimum energy consumption is ensured by the detailed system engineering. This means the Froling TX can offer reliable, high-quality heating!

Ventilated step grate

  • pre-drying of fuel
  • ideal combustion conditions

Ash removal screw

  • clean combustion
  • self-cleaning Installation

Standing tubular heat exchanger with efficiency optimisation system (WOS)

  • High efficiency
  • Easy cleaning from outside
  • Low energy consumption

Lambdatronic H 3200 controller

  • The lambda control supplied as a standard part, gives precise combustion control
  • Large, easy-to-read control unit with graphic display
  • Menu-based operation with online help
  • Boiler operation from the living room made possible through the use of the RBG 3200

Smart grate technique

  • combustion grate 90°
  • optimum combustion

High-temperature firebrick-lined combustion chamber

  • Optimum Emission values
  • Economical fuel consumption

Easy to clean

  • Clean combustion
  • Very low emissions
  • Automatic ash removal

RBG 3200 room console

  • Control the heating from your living room
  • Read values and status information
  • change settings conveniently via push of a button