FW modular layered tank and FWM fresh water module

Froling’s FW layered tank and new FWM fresh water module are a complete compact solution for the boiler room. The layered tank is available in 1000 and 1400 litre sizes, with or without solar elements. It can be used in combination with the full range of Froling tanks to offer optimal solutions for almost any area of use. The high-performance solar coil ensures that the tank is loaded to full capacity when energy is available from the solar panel system. Thanks to the specially-developed temperature control system TCS, the tank enjoys optimum layering thereby resulting in increased flow rate as a result of the constant hot water areas. The incoming flow of water is decelerated by the TCS and diluted by this slowing down process. This then leads to more consistent temperatures in the hot water areas, resulting in less (primary) energy being used to warm the tank. It also means that lower storage volumes and fewer solar collector areas are required for the hot water supply.


  • Specially developed temperature control system (TCS) for a higher flow rate
  • Less primary energy needed to fill the tank thanks to the TCS
  • Smaller tank capacity and solar collector surfaces required
  • Compact
  • Easy to assemble
  • All internal piping pre-installed
  • Can be combined with the full range of Froling tanks, versatile

NEW: Froling tank systems with sensor strip

Froling layered tanks have a terminal strip for optimal positioning of the sensors. This allows multiple sensors to be positioned at any height and moved without having to empty the tank. The labelling of the sensor strip and corresponding Froling connection diagrams makes the sensors extremely easy to position and offer lots of different options. The tank systems are also ideal for combining with other energy systems.

NEW: Adjustable feet

Froling storage systems can be altered to suit ground conditions with the help of the adjustable feet (optional).