Solar layered tank

Froling’s solar layered tanks feature an impressive heat management concept which offers optimal energy intake and extraction in particular. This product also allows you to easily integrate solar power.



  • Store surplus heat
  • Precise temperature layering for high energy yield and low running costs
  • Best thermal insulation thanks to all-round CFC-free insulation
  • Communicating tank expansion in tight spaces
  • Combination with other heat generators
  • Integrated solar power




NEW: Froling tank systems with sensor strap

Froling layered tanks have a terminal strip for optimal positioning of the sensors. This allows multiple sensors to be positioned at any height and moved without having to empty the tank. The labelling of the sensor strip and corresponding Froling connection diagrams makes the sensors extremely easy to position and offer lots of different options. The tank systems are also ideal for combining with other energy systems.

NEW: Adjustable feet

Froling storage systems can be altered to suit ground conditions with the help of the adjustable feet (optional).