The Froling production plant in Stritzing is one oft the most modern sheet steel processing centers in Austria
The Sales and Skills Center in Aschheim near Munich
The Sales and Skills Center in Strasbourg, France
The Sales and Skills Center in Bozen, Italy

About us

Complete solutions for more than four decades

Froling represents state-of-the-art technology that combines sparkling ideas with technology that has stood the test of time. For five decades we have specialised in the efficient use of wood as an energy source and we are a decisive force when it comes to development in this field. Highly efficient and reliable all round solutions make us one of Europe's leading suppliers.


Wood-heating technology made in Austria

Approximately 600 employees are responsible for our success. With over 70 % exports, our modern heating solutions for firewood, pellets and waste wood are in international demand.


Complete systems from one source

Froling offers you the complete heating system - from efficient solutions for fuel storage and loading to boiler technology, including tanks and heat exchangers down to control systems. Everything from one source, everything perfectly coordinated to work together. That saves energy and costs during planning, installation and operation.

Innovation for the environment and comfortIt is our goal to maintain and strengthen our leading position amongst the competition. More than 20 specialists are employed in our research and development department. Froling is committed to product development in keeping with the market and is continually conducting research to find new technical possibilities when it comes to the effective use of renewable energy sources - for both wood fuel as well as new solutions for burning other biomass fuels.


Data, Facts and Figures

Workforce: approx. 1000

Export rate: > 80%

Markets: Principal market Europe (Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, UK, Ireland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland,
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Rep, Hungary, Russia, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina), USA, other sales partners worldwide

Sales / Training / Skills centres: Grieskirchen (AT), Munich (GER), Strasbourg (FRA), Bolzano (ITA)