Firewood boiler

Efficient and convenient heating with log wood

Output Range: 15 – 60 kW

Product family

Firewood boilers and firewood heating systems

Froling firewood boilers boast superior practical use, sturdiness and safety, resulting from decades of experience.
The pellet flange is the ideal solution for people who are currently only burning firewood. The pellet unit can be retrofitted easily at any time.

Available in 15 kW to 60 kW output sizes.

  • Prime efficiency levels
  • Extremly sturdy construction
  • Safe operation
  • Low heating costs
CO2 Label

Comfortable firewood boiler with speed-regulated induced draught fan for burning half-metre firewood.

Output range 15 kW, 20 kW

Top quality boiler technology at a mid-range price for burning half-metre firewood.

Output range 20 to 45 kW.

Firewood boiler with an innovative combustion chamber shape and new automatic heat up.

Output range 22 to 60 kW.

The SP Dual firewood and pellet boiler combines two well designed systems.

Output range 15 to 40 kW.

The SP Dual compact firewood and pellet boiler combines two perfect Systems.

Output range 15 to 20 kW

The FKE aqua aquiferous firewood fireplace insert.

Output range 8 to 17 kW

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Froling is a pioneer in modern wood heating systems. The Froling signature is on many products from the groundbreaking invention of the firewood boiler with high-temperature combustion, from the wood chip burner with Lambda technology to the development of the internationally acclaimed pellet boiler.

A wide variety of well-known international quality awards underscores the ongoing success of the Austrian family company.

Heating with biomass

Heating with wood is convenient, saves on heating costs, is a secure renewable raw material and is also carbon-neutral