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350 kW

Wood chip and pellet boiler


The TI from Froling combines the advantages of industrial-grade parts with a compact design and offers exceptional quality. Made of highly heat-resistant refractory fireclay, the combustion chamber adapts very quickly to different performance requirements. This rapid adjustability is particularly beneficial for dry to moderately damp fuel classes.


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The latest technology

Stehender Röhrenwärmetauscher

Vertical heat exchanger 
(3-pass, 6 bar) with Efficiency Optimisation System (WOS). The automatic turbulators clean the flue gas path in the heat exchanger.


Flue gas recirculation
returns part of the flue gas flow to the combustion system. This optimises combustion and has a “cooling effect” which extends the operating life of parts in contact with the flame.

Stoker - Zellenradkombination

Combined stoker and rotary valve
Large stoker screw for safe fuel transport into the boiler. The patented Froling dual-chamber rotary valve ensures a safe separation between the burning chamber and discharge system.

Regelungssystem H 3200 Touch

Pre-wired H 3200 Touch control system
with internet connectivity


High-temperature combustion chamber
made of refractory fireclay components for maximum efficiencyand ultra-low flue gas emissions.

Vorschubrost mit langer Ausbrandzone

Moving grate with long combustion
for optimum adjustment to output and fuel quality.

Automatischer Ascherechen

Automatic ash rake
And ash screw for fully automated ash removal.

Systematic convenience

Mit der Kesselregelung geht Fröling in die Zukunft. Das intelligente Regelungsmanagement besteht aus hochwertigen Komponenten des Industriestandards und bietet eine Vielzahl von Einstellungs- und Visualisierungsmöglichkeiten für den individuellen, effizienten und stabilen Anlagenbetrieb. Die Bedieneinheit bietet zahlreiche Funktionsmöglichkeiten wie 5-Fühler-Pufferspeichermanagement, Heizkreis-bzw. Netztemperaturregelung, externe Leistungsvorgabe, Kaskadenfunktion, Einbindung, Überwachung und Steuerung zusätzlicher Umfeldkomponenten.


  • Powerful controller with big colour touch display

  • Safe and simple remote access via Froling visualisation software

  • Numerous functional possibilities


Technical specifications

Technical specifications TI 350
Nominal output 350 kW
Output range 105 - 350 kW
Nominal fuel heating efficiency with wood chips / pellets 376 kW
Efficiency with wood chips / pellets 94 %
Minimum room height 3000 mm
Dimensions required for combustion chamber installation (LxWxH) 2550x1100x1500 mm
Dimensions required for heat ex- changer installation (LxWxH) 1250x1400x2400 mm
Weight, combustion chamber 1270 kg
Weight, fireclay 1060 kg
Weight, heat exchanger 1600 kg
Weight including fittings 5630 kg
Heat exchanger water capacity 590 l
Maximum permitted operating pressure 6 bar

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Technical documentation

Bedienungsanleitung TI 350
3. januarja 2023 B1380220 [DE]
Montageanleitung TI 350
10. januarja 2023 M1830521 [EN]
Montageanleitung TI 350
10. januarja 2023 M1830521 [DE]
Montageanleitung TI 350
10. januarja 2023 M1830521 [FR]
Montageanleitung TI 350
10. januarja 2023 M1830521 [IT]

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Froling is a pioneer in modern wood heating systems. The Froling signature is on many products from the groundbreaking invention of the firewood boiler with high-temperature combustion, from the wood chip burner with Lambda technology to the development of the internationally acclaimed pellet boiler.

A wide variety of well-known international quality awards underscores the ongoing success of the Austrian family company.

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Heating with biomass

Heating with wood is convenient, saves on heating costs, is a secure renewable raw material and is also carbon-neutral