Wood chip, shavings and pellet fired Turbomat

Invest in the Future! The Turbomat is a unique heating system with a fully automatic wood burner which will operate with a wide variety of wooden material. Whether it is carpentry material, wet waste wood or pellets: the advanced technology along with Lambdatronic Control ensures optimal combustion values every time.

The high-tech Turbomat is designed to be easy to use and even easier to service and maintain. These are facts that contributed to the Froling Turbomat receiving the Innovation Award from the Federal Ministry and the State of Upper Austria!

High temperature combustion chamber with moving grate

  • No cinder build-up
  • Optimum burnout
  • Very low emissions
  • Automatic ash removal




Service-friendly sturdy design

  • Maintenance work kept to a minimum
  • Components are ease to replace
  • Cost savings
  • Extremely high operating safety

Upright heat exchanger

  • Optimal heat transfer
  • Automatic cleaning of heating surfaces
  • High efficiency
  • Very low dust emissions

Flue gas recirculation

  • Combustion optimisation  
  • Preserves the flame-swept parts