WOOD CHIP and shavings heating system


750 – 1.500 kW

Wood chip and shavings heating system


Froling‘s Lambdamat is a unique, fully automatic heating system for burning wood chips, shavings and pellets. It not only offers innovative combustion technology, but also a high level of convenience and operational reliability. The boiler sizes in the “Communal” version are suited to fuels with a water content of up to 50%.

Thanks to the special combustion chamber shape, Froling’s Lambdamat is perfect for burning fuels of different qualities and with a high bark content. The hydraulic moving grate continuously transports the fuel through the combustion chamber, ensuring that even heavy fuels are completely burned. In addition to fuel loading by feed screws, this boiler technology can also be supplied with a hydraulic feed system.


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The latest technology


Multifunctional heat exchanger
which features large heat exchanger surfaces. Convenient maintenance is ensured by large and easy to reach cleaning and maintenance openings.


Tertiary air vents 
for increased efficiency during combustion. The fully controlled flue gas recirculation AGR (optional) optimises burning (output,
emissions etc.) with particularly demanding fuels.


Multi-layer high temperature chamotte
combustion chamber
for high efficiency and clean combustion.

Automatische Zündung

Automatic ignition 
A second ignition blower can be installed as an option for materials that are difficult to ignite (e.g. high humidity) .

Vollautomatische Entaschung

Fully automatic ash removal


Double tunnel vault
guarantees the optimum burn-out of fuels with a high water content


Secondary air openings 
ensure optimum combustion and a complete burn-out.


Hydraulically operated moving grate With primary air intake system keeps the fuel moving continuously and ensures complete burn-out (even with heavy fuels).

Systematic convenience

Mit der Kesselregelung geht Fröling in die Zukunft. Das intelligente Regelungsmanagement besteht aus hochwertigen Komponenten des Industriestandards und bietet eine Vielzahl von Einstellungs- und Visualisierungsmöglichkeiten für den individuellen, effizienten und stabilen Anlagenbetrieb. Die Bedieneinheit bietet zahlreiche Funktionsmöglichkeiten wie 5-Fühler-Pufferspeichermanagement, Heizkreis-bzw. Netztemperaturregelung, externe Leistungsvorgabe, Kaskadenfunktion, Einbindung, Überwachung und Steuerung zusätzlicher Umfeldkomponenten.


  • Powerful controller with big colour touch display

  • Safe and simple remote access via Froling visualisation software

  • Numerous functional possibilities

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications75010001000¹1500
Nominal heat output                                                                       [kW]75098010011500
Quantity of fuel required at nominal load                                [kg/h]242317324490
Flue gas pipe diameter                                                                  [mm]400450450500
Total weight excl. fittings                                                              [kg]11440149001490023300
Heat exchanger water capacity                                                    [l]1840239023904240
Maximum permitted operating temperature                          [°C]95²95²95²95²
Permitted operating pressu                                                         [bar]6666

¹ Only available in UK.
² Higher temperatures available on request



Dimensions - Lambdamat Communal [mm]75010001500
H    Height of boiler360038554585
H1  Height of flow connection / return connection366039154660
H2  Height of flue gas pipe connection325035704200
H3  Height of stoker incl. BBF122012001500
B     Width of boiler163016301850
B1  Width of ash container129512751295
B2  Width of FGR107510651075
L     Total length307536754360
L1   Length of boiler271033803935
L2   Length of compressed air cleaner425430425
L3   Length of stoker incl. gears129012901290
L4   Length of flue gas collection box255255500

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