Why biomass?

Heating with wood is convenient, saves on heating costs, is a secure renewable raw material and is also carbon-neutral

Heating with biomass


Heating with wood is just as convenient as heating with oil or gas. Heating systems that burn pellets and wood chips (wood chip boilers) are fully automatic heating systems which behave similarly to oil or gas heating systems. The fuel is conveyed automatically from a fuel store to the boiler. The controller can also be configured to provide links to a solar panel system, standby boilers and other components. Wood chip heating systems such as those incorporating automatic ignition offer high operational convenience.

Heating with biomass

Save on heating costs

Fuel costs are another important factor in the choice of fuel. Wood as a raw material guarantees independence from the global trends of fossil fuel prices on international markets. As local wood is usually used for both firewood and wood chips, prices have been stable for years, whereas oil and gas prices continue to rocket.

Not just economic, but also sustainable and clean

A glance at the trend of prices of pellets over recent years clearly shows that pellets are an economic source of energy with stable pricing. The developments of the last months have done nothing to change that.

Flexible with

Firewood and pellet

There is a solution for those who wish to burn both firewood and pellets – it’s called the dual fuel boiler. This offers the advantages of both a firewood boiler and a fully automatic heating system.

Firewood boiler

Efficient and convenient heating with log wood

Pellet boiler

From a single family home to large commercial enterprise

Firewood and pellet boiler

Log wood and pellet – perfectly combined

Heating with biomass

CO2 neutral

When trees grow they take carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the air. When we burn wood this carbon dioxide is returned to the atmosphere. The amount of CO2 released during burning is the same as the amount released by normal rotting and decay in forests and woods. Heating with fuels made from wood is therefore heating the natural, environment-friendly way.

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Froling is a pioneer in modern wood heating systems. The Froling signature is on many products from the groundbreaking invention of the firewood boiler with high-temperature combustion, from the wood chip burner with Lambda technology to the development of the internationally acclaimed pellet boiler.

A wide variety of well-known international quality awards underscores the ongoing success of the Austrian family company.

Heating with biomass

Heating with wood is convenient, saves on heating costs, is a secure renewable raw material and is also carbon-neutral