Pellet boiler PT4e

Sturdy, convenient, reliable and versatile:

The new PT4e pellet boiler is perfect in every way. Well-planned use of energy-saving drives ensures extremely low energy consumption. With its durable high temperature silicon carbide combustion chamber, the PT4e ensures a high level of efficiency with minimal emissions. In addition, the PT4e can be equipped with an electrostatic particle separator as an option.

Thanks to its modular construction, Froling’s PT4e is particularly easy to position and install. The entire boiler comes fully assembled, electrically wired and tested.    

Modulare Bauweise

  • Rasche Montage vor Ort
  • Fertig zusammengebaut, elektrisch verkabelt und getestet

Speed-regulated induced draught fan

  • Maximum ease of use
  • Smooth boiler start
  • Constant stabilisation during combustion

Zwei Mehrkammer-Zellradschleusen

  • Sicheres Saugen während des Betriebs
  • Kontinuierlicher Materialtransport

Lambdatronic H 3200 control

  • Exact combustion control with broadband probe lambda control
  • Large, clear control unit
  • 7" colour touch display  

RBG 3200 Touch room console

  • Control the heating from your living room
  • Read values and status information
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • 4,3" colour screen

Complete overview around the clock with the new Froling App

  • Easy and intuitive operation of the heating boiler
  • Status values can be called up and changed in an instant
  • Individual naming of the heating circuit
  • Status changes are sent directly to the user (e.g. per email or push notifications)
  • No additional hardware required (e.g. internet gateway)
  • more details: see PDF

Hochtemperatur-Siliziumkarbid-Brennkammer und perfekte Verbrennungsregelung

  • Optimale Emissionswerte
  • Sparsam im Brennstoffverbrauch
  • Automatische Anpassung an wechselnde Brennstoffqualitäten

Großzügig dimensionierter Pelletsbehälter

  • Lange Saugintervalle
  • Schalldämmisolierung für einen äußerst ruhigen Betrieb

Automatische Entaschung

  • Geringer Reinigungsaufwand
  • Einfache Entleerung des fahrbaren Aschebehälters



RBG 3200 room console

  • Control the heating from your living room
  • Read values and status information
  • change settings conveniently via push of a button

LOXONE - Smart Home Anbindung

  • Einfache Integration
  • Gezielte Heizkesselsteuerung
  • Alles im Blick
  • Siehe Flyer (PDF)