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P4 Pellet

80 – 105 kW

Pellet boiler

P4 Pellet

With its fully automatic mode of operation, the Froling P4 pellet offers perfect comfort. With its wide range of services, the P4 Pellet can be used in low-energy houses as well as in objects that require more heat. The intelligent control management Lambdatronic P 3200 takes over all control functions and ensures optimal combustion.

Award for quality and safety

The Froling P4 pellet boiler was awarded the „Plus X Award“ for high-quality innovations that simplify life, make it more pleasant and at the same time make ecological sense.


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The latest technology

7“ Touch-Display

7” touch display for easy and intuitive operation

Mehrschalige Isolierung

Multi-layer insulation


WOS system Efficiency Optimisation System

Patentierter Mehrkreis-Wärmetauscher

Patented multiple-pass heat exchanger

Automatische Entaschung

Automatic ash removal in two closed ash containers

Isolierte Reinigungstür

Insulated cleaning port door for excellent heat retention


Store gate valve

Drehzahlgeregeltes geräuscharmes Saugzuggebläse

Speed-regulated, low-noise induced draught fan with function monitoring


Large pellet container with automatic pellet feed and integrated soundproofing (volume 90 - 280 litres)

Geprüfter Absperrschieber-Brenner

Proven burner gate valve

Automatische Zündung

Automatic ignition with hot-air blower


Special suction cyclone with integrated soundproofing

Automatischer Schieberost

Automatic sliding grate for ash removal, offering maintenance-free operation

Individual control unit of the heating system

Lambdatronic P 3200 control unit

Fröling provides a future-oriented Lambdatronic P 3200 and a new 7“ touch display. Intelligent control management makes it possible to connect up to 18 heating circuits, up to 4 storage tanks and up to 8 hot water storage tanks. The control unit ensures that the operating statuses are clearly shown. The menu structure is ideally organised to allow easy operation. All essential functions can be selected by simply pressing icons on the large colour display.


  • Precise combustion control by a Lambda control using a Lambda probe
  • Connection for up to 18 heating circuits, 8 water heaters and up to 4 storage tank management systems
  • Integration capability for a solar panel system
  • LED frame for status display with illuminated presence detection
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Various smart home options (such as Loxone)
  • Remote control from the living room (remote control 3200 and RGB 3200 Touch) or via Internet (

Keep track of everything with the Froling App

The Froling App allows you to check and control your Froling boiler online from
anywhere, at any time. You can read and modify the main status information and settings easily and conveniently online. You can also specify which status messages you want to be informed about via SMS or e-mail (e.g. when the ash box is to be emptied or in the event of a fault message).
The app is available in the Android Play Store and iOS App Store.


  • Simple and intuitive operation of the boiler
  • Status information can be called up and changed within seconds
  • Individual naming of the heating circuits
  • Changes of status are notified directly to the user (e.g. via
    e-mail or push notifications)
  • No additional hardware required (such as an Internet gateway)



Smart Home


Combine your Froling heating system with the Loxone Miniserver and the new Froling Extension and implement individual boiler control on the basis of the single room control of the Loxone Smart Home.


Via the Froling modbus interface, the system can be integrated
into a building management system.

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P4 Pellet

Technical specifications

Technical specifications - P4 Pellet 80 100 105
Rated heat output [kW] 80 100 105
Output range [kW] 24 - 80 30 - 100 31,5 - 105
Power consumption [W] 115 112 112
Water capacity [l] 280 280 280
Boiler weight [kg] 1090 1100 1110
Capacity, pellet hopper [l] 280 280 280
Capacity, ash container left/right [l] 33/33 33/33 33/33
P4 Pellet


Dimensions - P4 Pellet [mm] 48 60 80 100 105
L     Length of boiler 900¹ 900¹ 1000² 1000² 1000²
L1   Total length including induced draught fan 1100 1100 1070 1070 1070
B     Width of boiler 1030 1030 1235 1235 1235
B*   Width of boiler including support 1275 1275 1480 1480 1480
B1   Total width including suction cyclone 1790 1790 2085 2085 2085
H    Height of boiler 1585 1585 1710 1710 1710
H1  Total height including suction cyclone 1900 1900 1900 1900 1900
H2  Height of flue pipe connection 1685 1685 1785 1785 1785
H3  Height of flue gas pipe connection 1790 1790 - - -
H4  Height of drainage connection 490 490 500 500 500
H5  Height of return connection 515 515 520 520 520
H6  Height of flow connection 1290 1290 1410 1410 1410
H7  Height of ventilation connection 1310 1310 1430 1430 1430
H8  Height of ID fan connection 1375 1375 1495 1495 1495
H9  Height of suction system connection 1720 1720 1720 1720 1720
Flue pipe diameter 150 150 200 200 200

¹ You can reduce the size to 780 mm by removing the control (e.g. to fit through a door with a clearance of 800 mm)
² You can reduce the size to 880 mm by removing the control (e.g. to fit through a door with a clearance of 900 mm) 

P4 Pellet

Operating and maintenance areas

Minimum distances - P4 Pellet [mm] 48-60 80-100
A     Space for insulated door 490 590
B     Minimum distance to stoker assembly 300 300
C     Distance between rear of boiler and wall 300 300
D     Distance between side of boiler and wall 200 200
E     Maintenance area above the boiler for removing the WOS springs upwards 500 500
Minimum room height 2100 2200

Technical documentation

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Information & advice

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Froling is a pioneer in modern wood heating systems. The Froling signature is on many products from the groundbreaking invention of the firewood boiler with high-temperature combustion, from the wood chip burner with Lambda technology to the development of the internationally acclaimed pellet boiler.

A wide variety of well-known international quality awards underscores the ongoing success of the Austrian family company.

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Heating with biomass

Heating with wood is convenient, saves on heating costs, is a secure renewable raw material and is also carbon-neutral